Rope Clasp for Power Conditioning Ropes -- Valor Fitness (BR-CLASP)

Convert 1.5" Battle Rope to Climbing Rope!
Rope NOT Included

Valor Fitness Rope Clasp for Converting Battle Rope to Climbing Rope - What is the best way to convert your heavy rope into a climbing rope? The BR-Clasp can be attached to your existing 1.5-inch wide fitness rope to make it suitable for rope climbing. Simply bolt the clasp onto one end of your power conditioning rope, and then affix the rope vertically to a ceiling anchor using the eyelet on the clasp. The heavy duty clasp will support up to 750 pounds!

Attach to training ropes horizontally for heavy-rope training movements such as waves, slams, throws, spirals, and whips. Attach to one end for securing to a weighted sled for hand-over-hand pulls, or to both ends to use as a rope tether from sled to vest for sled drags. The user may also attach a clasp at both ends of the rope and anchor horizontally to use for horizontal hanging-type movements and tightrope balance training.

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  • (1) Rope Clasp with rope attachment hardware (bolts and nuts)


  • Designed for use with 1.5 diameter rope only
  • Max Weight Load: 750 lbs
  • Weight: 3 lbs.
  • 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty against defect
  • Rope not included (sold separately)
  • NOT recommended for use with 2" diameter ropes

Recommended Instructions for Attachment to Rope:

It is suggested that you pre-drill the holes at the end of the rope (through the protective end covering or boot) and then slide the bolts through and firmly secure the nuts on the outside end.

Click here to view detailed instructions and recommended tools for installing Valor Fitness BR-CLASP over braided battle rope

NOTE: The clasp itself can bear the weight of 750 pounds, but the actual weight load will also depend on what you have the clasp attached to. Please ensure that the entire attachment can manage the entire load (clasp, rope and weight of person) when considering attachment points for climbing.

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