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Leverage Leg Press Machine | Muscle D Fitness (MDP-2001)
Front Squat - Muscle D Fitness (MDP-1035)
USA Made Tuff Stuff PPL-910 Plate Loaded Proformance Plus Incline Press for Commercial Clubs
Legend Fitness 6005 Plate Loaded Unilateral Diverging Lat Pulldown
Legend Fitness 6009 Plate Loaded Unilateral Diverging High Row
Plate Loaded Wide Chest Press Machine | SportsArt (A978)
Tuff Stuff PPL-970 Plate Loaded Proformance Plus Abdominal Crunch Machine
Legend Fitness 3123 Plate Loaded Commercial 35 Degree Hack Squat Machine
45 Degree Linear Calf Hack Squat Machine | Muscle D Fitness (MD-CH)
Nautilus Glute Drive Plate Loaded Hip Thrust Machine
Hack Squat Machine - 30 Degree Linear Bearing | Muscle D Fitness (MD-HSM)
York Barbell ST Plate Loaded Heavy-Duty Linear Bearing Leg Press
Leg Press - Linear Bearing 45 Degree | Muscle D Fitness (MD-LPM)
Pro Series GHDH Combo | Legend Fitness (3412) *Weights NOT Included
Legend Fitness 3224 Plate Loaded Commercial Leg Press / Hack Squat Combo
Hack Squat | SportsArt (A989)
Legend Fitness 3308 Plate Loaded Unilateral Angle Leg Press
Tuff Stuff PPL-965 Plate Loaded Proformance Plus 35 Degree Hack Squat
Tuff Stuff PPL-960 Plate Loaded Proformance Plus 45 Degree Leg Press
Leg Press | SportsArt (A982)
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