Top 3 Reasons to Use an Indoor Rowing Machine

Top 3 Reasons to Use an Indoor Rowing Machine

Admit have walked past that rowing machine in the gym and several times thought to yourself, I should really workout on that one day. The indoor rower has found its popularity with a lot of CrossFit gyms and heart rate training facilities like Orange Theory. However a lot of people may shy away from it at just your regular old commercial gym. Everyone knows the benefits of using a treadmill or elliptical and they are usually the most common cardio pieces being used. But if you are looking for a change in routine and an overall great work out, hop on the rower. Here are the top 3 reasons to get you started.

1. Full Body Workout
Rowing is a very efficient exercise. It is one of the few cardio machines where you are working both upper and lower body at the same time. Even though it may look like it just focuses on the arms, shoulders and back, you are actually using more of your legs and core muscles with every row. You are putting almost every muscle group in your body to work. It's a great way to get a full body workout in a shorter amount of time.

2. Easy on Joints
Working out on an indoor rower requires very little impact on your joints. This makes it a great exercise for any age and athletic ability with a lower risk of injury. With each row you are getting a constant smooth movement that is easy on the body. It's even a great rehabilitation tool. The user can slowly work at their own pace and gradually increase resistance and speed. For the experienced rower and/or fitness fanatic, they can get a high intensity workout without worrying about the long term effects on their joints.

3. Cardio & Strength Benefits
It's true that working out on a rower does provide great cardiovascular benefits and can burn hundreds of calories. This is a high endurance exercise that will keep your heart rate elevated to help shed those pounds. But the best part is that you are also getting a great strength workout as well. With the pushing of your legs and the pulling done by your upper body, you are continuously building strength in every part of your body with each repetition. By changing the resistance to a higher level you can gain more muscle strength. Who doesn't love an all in one workout!

Indoor Rowing Machines burn calories and strengthen muscles

So what are the differences between the various types of rowers on the market today? It typically comes down to the "feeling" of the rowing motion, price and size. The air resistance rowing machines like the Concept 2 seem to be pretty popular. They use a flywheel that the air runs over to create resistance. The faster you row, the greater the resistance. They are priced competitively and they provide a similar feel to water rowing.

The Water Rower uses actual water with the flywheel to create resistance. These beautiful machines come in various wood and metal finishes. They are very smooth and quiet and give the user the same feel and sound of the swooshing water. Similar to the air rowers, you create the resistance based upon your rowing speed.

Magnetic resistance rowers like LifeCore R90 and R100 are gaining popularity as well. They use both air and magnetic resistance. You can change the magnetic resistance at higher levels by using the adjustable knob or through the console control. These also utilize a belt drive instead of chain so the machine is quieter in operation.

In the end, they will all provide the same rowing motion and full body workout benefits, so choose the features that are important to you. For help picking the perfect indoor rower for your home or gym, contact an Ironcompany representative at (888) 758-7527 or