Assault Air Bike Is The Ultimate Cross-Training Fitness Tool!

Assault Air Bike Is The Ultimate Cross-Training Fitness Tool!

The award winning Assault Air Bike has taken the fitness market by storm! In its wake, puddles of sweat are hitting the floor, calories are getting torched and athletes around the globe are being challenged with total body workouts by a world class machine designed to stand the test of time and test anyone's physical capabilities. A new breed of Air Bike has blown into town and it's unleashing a full-on Assault on anyone willing to step up their fitness game!

Why Is The Assault Air Bike So Popular?
Schwinn brought the concept of a wind resistance bike that offered upper and lower body motion back in the late 70's. Even today, in corners of basements and garages, grandpa's Airdyne may sit begging to be used. However, don't be confused, the Assault Air Bike is not your grandpa's Airdyne and the popularity of this phenomenal bike is anything but stationary as it continues to find its way onto gym floors everywhere!

With a reinvigorated fitness market that has turned to maximizing time and effort while in the gym, the demand to train with equipment that offers total body conditioning has become paramount. A bike designed like the Assault Air Bike, which has articulating arms and can present the user a chance to work both hemispheres of their body, offers so much more than today's standard stationary exercise bike. This brings cardio, muscular and endurance training to a whole new level as a user can pedal, push and pull their way to new fitness heights. Why waste time by using other cardio machines that only work your legs? Using a fitness tool that offers dual upper and lower body resistance based on how hard you pedal, push and pull allows people of all athletic levels to jump in the game of health conditioning, and the Assault AirBike is leading the way!

The Assault Air Bike is Built Tough and Full Commercial Grade!
Simply put, this bike is a beast! It looks innocent enough but the workouts it can produce and the results one can attain from using it mean only one thing, it must be built like a tank! If it's going to test you, it must be prepared to be tested, and the Assault Air Bike is certainly ready for battle on all fronts. The designers of the Assault Air Bike left no stone unturned as they brought together years of development from in house engineers and field research from top strength athletes, trainers and Crossfitters!

assault air bike crank bearings

assault air bike fan bike

Setting the stage for quality is the Assault Air Bike’s 12 gauge tubing, over built forged Chromoly cranks and a sealed cartridge bottom bracket built tough for longevity. With the addition of 22 sealed cartridge bearings placed on every pivot point, this unit moves fluid and is ready to roll when you are. Its chain drive system engages a 27-inch steel fan that offers unlimited resistance that is perfectly suited to accommodate users of any level and allows for an individualized training experience.

assault air bike components

When you're ready to crank out an upper body only workout, place your feet on the oversized foot pegs and test your upper body strength and endurance. To accommodate users of all sizes, the Assault Air Bike comes equipped with an adjustable seat post and also offers fore and aft seat movement for a perfect fit! Easily move the bike into or out of a preferred riding location with the handy bottom front bracket transport wheels.

assault air bike lcd screen

If variety in programming is what motivates you to keep exercising, then prepare to stay engaged with the seven workout options the Assault's LCD console offers. With a unique set of interval and target based programs, the Assault Air Bike will help you reach your exercise goals as you improve your personal best each time you ride! The console constantly shows critical data such as the users time in activity, speed, RPM's, calorie expenditure, Watts and heart rate (if used in conjunction with a heart rate monitor that will display HR directly on the LCD console). It's a simple and sleek console design ready for your workout adventures!

Who Uses the Assault Air Bike and Where Can I Buy It?
Designed to meet the physical demands placed on it, the Assault Air Bike is perfect for any workout environment. This has made it the go-to cardio machine that offers cross-training activity to participants ready for results. Built strong and sturdy, the audience the Assault Air Bike is ready to serve is vast.

Commercial club facilities, crossfit box locations, personal training studios, physical therapy settings and schools are just a short list of locations you can find the Assault Air Bike. Its quick ascent to popularity also places the Air Bike as the chosen cardio machine staged in fleets at fitness competitions across the World. Even homeowners and garage gym aficionados can turn to the Assault Air Bike for a residential butt kicking, and with a commercial grade foundation and top notch engineering this bike will offer years of cardio fun for the whole family!

A true testament to dependable quality, all branches of the military are purchasing the Assault Air Bike as its industrial design is well suited to keep the men and women of our armed forces athletically fit, physically conditioned and prepared. And, now that the Assault Air Bike is a GSA Scheduled item, equipping government facilities across the World is even easier for equipment buyers looking for the best cross-training fitness equipment for their teams.

The Assault Air Bike and other commercial cardio products by LifeCORE Fitness are available on Ironcompany® GSA Contract # GS-07F-0104M and CMAS Contract # 4-12-78-0066A.

If you're ready to bring the ultimate cross-training fitness tool into your home or facility, or if you're a government buyer in need of a fast GSA price quote for a fleet of bikes, turn to and contact a GSA and Commercial Fitness Equipment Sales Specialist at 888-758-7527 or email to obtain more information on the Assault Air Bike today!