How to select the best Garage Gym Equipment for your needs!

How to select the best Garage Gym Equipment for your needs!

For some, "garage gym" brings to mind a crowded and dusty corner in the garage where fitness equipment goes to die, along with used furniture and other odds and ends. A quick glance reminds you of the many New Year's resolutions that evaporated after a few weeks. But for others, a garage gym is about fitness, passion, and movement. It's an emerging trend in fitness.

For the longest time, the modus operandi for getting in shape was not very inviting. It involved a commute to the gym, changing into appropriate clothing, crowds of people, and waiting on equipment. After a while, working out started to feel like another chore, and it's rather expensive. No wonder the attrition rate is over 50 percent per year for commercial gyms.

Then Crossfit burst onto the fitness landscape and brought a new and fresh look to fitness. It was fun and random and allowed you to obtain results. Crossfit is defined as "functional movements that are constantly varied at high intensity." Still, the commute and expense were obstacles for most as Crossfit facilities on average charge $150 -$250 per month for memberships.

The obvious solution came to be the "Garage Gym." It's an effective and efficient training facility built to suit your needs and performance. And after two years, the savings on gym membership have paid for your own garage gym.

So where do you start, and how do you put together a garage gym? Start with a partner, like®, that has not only thousands of products available but also fitness experts and enthusiasts at your service. At Ironcompany, we have Crossfit packages and garage gym packages available from a starter package through a Gold Package.


In nearly every aspect of life, we hear the idiom of getting "back to basics." This is at the core of Crossfit as it's about fundamental movements at varying intensity. Crossfit doesn't require a lot of equipment, but the right tool for the job is always recommended.

A basic package will always start with an Olympic Bar and solid rubber bumper plates. Ironcompany has an extensive selection of Olympic bars that can accommodate any need and budget. If you need assistance and/or recommendations, we are eager to help. You'll not be limited on your choice of solid rubber bumper plates as we've got you covered. Ironcompany has black bumper plates, colored bumper plates, sets, pairs, and even IWF-approved and calibrated to 10-gram rubber bumper plates, if you demand only the best of the best.

Next in a basic package will be a rack. It could be as simple as a pair of squat stands. On the other hand, it could be more of a half rack, wall rack, or full cage. Many of these racks will have a built-in chin bar. Another essential will be a pull-up rig and rings. This could be as simple as using the built-in chin bar on your rack or a wall-mounted pull-up bar, such as the BOMB PROOF® wall-mounted Modular Pull-Up Bar.

Body Solid Garage Gym Equipment Package for Functional Strength Training

Rounding out the basic items will be a flat utility bench and plyo boxes. Ironcompany has a comprehensive array of plyo boxes for consideration. I recommend the 3-in-1 Plyo box for versatility, safety, and a price-effective solution.

Additionally, the following items are great tools without a high price tag: cable speed jump ropes, kettlebells, medicine balls/slam balls, resistance bands and rubber mats to protect your floors and all this heavy equipment.

Additional Gear

This is where you can tailor your personal garage gym to your specifications. One of the items that is often viewed as essential is a rower. Ironcompany has a vast selection of rowers, and this model, LifeCORE LC-R100, is a best seller for us as it bridges the gap between performance and value.

LifeCore LC-R100 Commercial Quality Rowing Machine for Garage Gym Cardio Workout

The Glute Ham Developer, or "GHD," is a crowd favorite in Crossfit. It's renowned for its effectiveness in training and developing your power core of abdominals, obliques, lower back, glutes, and hamstrings. Let us help you choose the right model for your gym.

Rubber gym mats always make a garage gym better. Besides the protection, rubber flooring will reduce noise and provide excellent traction and cushioning for anyone exercising on it. Here again, let Ironcompany walk you through the selection process.

Beyond this, your garage gym can be enhanced with an almost limitless supply of training tools, such as ropes, sleds, sandbags, abmats, training logs, FAT bars, therapeutic rollers, landmines, sledgehammers, and much more.

The Next Step

This isn't code to contact Ironcompany for putting together the perfect "garage gym". But if you want to gather the best info for a garage gym, Ironcompany is poised to help. It's our passion!

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John Sisk is a former US Marine and is passionate about helping others achieve success in the arena of fitness. As a fitness industry veteran of over 40-years, John has the experience, product knowledge, and perspective that are second to none. John was founder and president of Legend Fitness for 29 years before teaming up with IRON COMPANY in 2006. With over 147 manufacturing partners, John has the right tools, experience, and expertise to ensure you get the best products for your fitness application, whether it is for military, commercial, or personal use. This is more than a job; it is a lifetime commitment to helping people. When not at IRON COMPANY, John can be found leading a Bible Study in the inner city or hiking the Appalachian Trail. Contact John here.