Top 5 Home Fitness Essentials

Top 5 Home Fitness Essentials

Joining a gym instills in you a level of commitment. You've made the investment and now you feel ready to get in shape. Well, almost. Gym memberships soar at the beginning of a new year but dwindle as time passes. Commitments fade, resolutions become obsolete. But home fitness? That's another subject. The serious athlete and the dedicated fitness buff go with the best home workout equipment in order to keep tabs on their health goals and the regimen.

We at Ironcompany excel at providing exercise enthusiasts with the best, the most valuable and the most physiologically efficient equipment in the industry.

We present to you the top five fitness essentials for your home gym to build the new you - trim, tough and brawny, able to leap tall challenges in a single bound.


It also goes by the name of cardio. It's the heart (yes) of most fitness programs. Aerobic exercise makes you breathe heavier and more deeply and your heart beat more frequently. The more aerobics you do, the more efficient your heart and lungs become. The Department of Health and Human Services recommends getting at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous activity a week.

Our Cross-Training equipment gets your heart racing strong. While those long strolls on the treadmill may be worthwhile, a good round with the punching bag puts you right in the middle of the 75-minute zone.


Building muscle is vital in many ways by helping increase bone strength and muscular fitness. While gyms may offer elaborate machines and heavy weights on racks, sometimes tailoring a home gym to suit your individual and particular needs and goals works wonders and provides a convenient way to get in a quick workout.

Ironcompany carries a very wide line of free weights and dumbbells - the gold standard in the fitness industry - and garage gym systems to get you well on your way to muscular strength.


Experts recommend focusing more on building your core muscles, which helps build overall strength and provides protection from injuries. Core muscles are the abdomen, the lower back and pelvis. Strong core muscles establish a good foundation for both upper and lower body movements and training.

Check out our line of premier core-training equipment.


Implementing exercises that help create stability and balance is especially helpful for older adults. Strong muscles that help maintain proper, balanced movement will help prevent injuries and make daily living easier and more efficient. Good balance also depends on strong core muscles.

Body weight exercises and old-fashioned calisthenics are useful for developing good balance. These types of exercises that use body weight as resistance sometimes require basic equipment, such as rope for jumping or climbing, pegboards for wall climbing and bars for dips or pull ups.


Flexibility exercises and stretching are important to support activities such as dancing and sports. Stretching even reduces stress and helps increase the range of movement of joints and muscles. Flexibility exercise helps create better balance by improving posture.

As with other exercises, stretching should be preceded by a short warm up such as walking or very low-intensity exercises. Proper and adequate flooring (mats) are essential to make stretching more comfortable and to prevent injuries. Take a look at our gym flooring and exercise mats to find one that suits your needs.

Best garage gym equipment including dumbbells, barbells and rubber flooring

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