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Rubber Flooring Products for homes, gyms and military installations has been our specialty and passion since 1997. Since then, has greatly expanded our gym flooring offerings to include Aerobic Flooring Tiles, Exercise Mats, Carpet Tiles, Artificial Turf, Foam Flooring Tiles, Martial Arts Mats, Wrestling Mats, Gymnastics Mats, Safety Flooring and Rubber Flooring Installation. A lot of which is shipped directly to Clubs and US Government installations all over the world. Ironcompany’s expansive logistics solutions allow us to provide our customers with flooring products from multiple shipment points all over the country. This allows us to be competitively priced at reduced lead times, which can be paramount for grand opening deadlines. We also specialize in packaging fitness equipment together with gym flooring to further cut costs and limit time investment spent by our customers accepting multiple shipments from multiple suppliers.

Government buyers can find most gym flooring products on the GSA Advantage website through GSA contract GS-07F-0104M as well as CMAS 4-12-78-0066A.

Need help selecting the appropriate flooring products that fit your budget or use requirements? Call an flooring expert today at 1-888-758-7527.

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Adhesives / Cleaners / Tools
Adhesives / Cleaners / Tools for Rubber Mats, Interlocking Rubber Tiles and Rubber Flooring Rolls.
Aerobic Flooring Tiles
Aerobic Flooring Tiles for Home, Studio and Club.
Artificial Turf
Artificial Turf for Indoor Sports Performance Centers, Outdoor Sports Fields and Landscape.
Carpet Tiles
Carpet Tiles for Home, Office, Studio and Club.
Foam Exercise Mats
Foam Exercise Mats for Yoga, Pilates and Floor Exercise at Home, Studio and Club.
Foam Gym / Play Tiles
Foam Gym / Play Tiles for Home, Studio and Playroom.
Interlocking Rubber Tiles
Interlocking Rubber Tiles for Home, Studio, School, Club, Hockey Rinks and Dog Daycare.
MMA / Wrestling / Gymnastics Mats
MMA / Wrestling / Gymnastics Mats including Dollamur Flexi-Rolls, Zebra Mats, Dojo Interlocking Foam Tiles.
On Deck Circles
On Deck Circles for High School, College and Professional Baseball.
Rubber Flooring Installation
Rubber Flooring Installation for Rubber Flooring of all types within the United States. Gym Equipment Installation is also available.
Rubber Flooring Rolls
Rubber Flooring Rolls for Home, Studio, Club, Industrial, Batting Cages, Pet Boarding and Kennels.
Rubber Gym Mats
Rubber Gym Mats for Garage Gyms, Studio, Club, Cardio Equipment, Horse Stalls and Livestock Trailers.
Safety / Ballistic Tiles
Safety / Ballistic Tiles for Backyards, Playgrounds, Schools and Shooting Ranges.
Shower / Garage / Military Tiles
Shower / Garage / Military Tiles for Shower Facilities, Pool Decks, Custom Garages and Military use.