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Kirk Karwoski approved ipf powerlifting bar for barbell squats, deadlifts and bench press

KARWOSKI APPROVED POWER BAR - Whether you’re aspiring to be a feared strength athlete or are already setting records, the Karwoski Approved Power Bar by IRON COMPANY should be in your rack! This IPF spec Karwoski Approved Powerlifting Bar is proudly made and assembled in the USA using only the best quality steel, bushings and coatings. Lifters will enjoy its aggressive deep diamond knurling as well as the center knurl that firmly grips the neck and shoulders when squatting. The 28.5mm shaft comes fortified with 190,000 PSI high tensile strength steel that delivers stiff performance with a slight amount of elasticity on heavy lifts. Sleeves rotate on oil impregnated bronze bushings for the perfect amount of spin and a light machine grooved surface keeps collars and weight plates locked on tight. The IRON COMPANY Karwoski Approved Cerakote Power Bar is priced affordably so as to offer a safe and reliable training tool to schools, commercial gyms and Government training facilities. 

The Karwoski Story - I wanted to be strong from a very early age. As a child I was drawn towards super heroes with great physiques and other worldly powers. Muscle and power became an obsession when I saw the first episode of the Incredible Hulk. Lou Ferrigno’s massiveness blew my pre-teen mind. Now I had a role model. My grandmother got me a 110-pound weight set when I turned 12 and I tore those weights apart. I began serious weight training under the good guidance of my high school football coach. Naturally, I broke all the high school strength records. I began competing in formal powerlifting competitions and almost immediately set junior national and junior world records. I shifted into the big leagues of powerlifting and went on to win seven national titles in three different weight classes. I was the six-time IPF world champion and set numerous world records, including the 1,003-pound squat record that still stands, more than twenty years after being set. 

I no longer compete, however I still train and I still love the sport of powerlifting. I teamed up with IRON COMPANY to create an extension of my iron passion, for all to enjoy. JP Brice, president and CEO of Iron Company, and I are introducing the KARWOSKI APPROVED Power Bar. Each USA-made Power Bar is constructed to IPF specifications. The IRON COMPANY Karwoski Approved power bar offers exceptional craftsmanship at a fair price. From the high tensile strength steel to the aggressive diamond knurling to the hard-wearing Cerakote finish, I have personally gone through each and every detail of this bar to make it the bar equal to or better than any bar I used when I was setting world records. If you have the same forged passion for muscle, power and strength that I have, please give serious consideration to purchasing my new bar. - "Captain" Kirk Karwoski

Jim Steel - University of Pennsylvania's Associate Director of Sports Performance "I love this bar! The knurling is just right, it rotates smoothly and the bar can handle massive weights day after day. With Kirk Karwoski's name on it, it better be top of the line, and it doesn't disappoint! I give it my highest recommendation."

What is Cerakote? Cerakote is a Polymer-Ceramic coating that has become popular with firearm manufacturers as a metal surface protectant for guns. The unique formulation used for Cerakote ceramic coating enhances a number of physical performance properties including abrasion/wear resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, impact strength, and hardness. Cerakote is extremely thin and therefor retains the aggressiveness of your diamond knurling without dulling it like other thicker coatings can. To preserve the Cerakote finish and the aggressive knurling on your Karwoski bar, IRON COMPANY recommends avoiding metal to metal contact and using it in racks that are protected with an ABS plastic, UHMW, rubber or similar surfaces. 

Government Purchase – Now available on IRON COMPANY® GSA Contract GS-07F-0104M and CMAS Contract 4-12-78-0066A.

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    • Total weight 44 lbs. 
    • 190,000 PSI high tensile strength steel
    • Elasticity: Stiff performance with a slight amount of spring on heavy lifts
    • Total length 219.5cm
    • Shaft length (inside collar to inside collar) 1310mm
    • Sleeve diameter 50mm
    • Slightly grooved sleeves for better collar grip
    • Grip diameter 28.5mm (IPF Specification)
    • Agressive knurling for deadlifts and squats
    • Center knurl 4.75" wide
    • Knurl rings (hash marks) spaced at 810mm 
    • Blue Cerakote shaft coating
    • Zinc sleeve coating
    • Bronze bushings for dependable long lasting smooth rotation
    • Karwoski steel painted end caps (not stickers)
    • Proudly Made In The USA
    • Recommendation: Because your Karwoski bar includes an aggressive knurl with finer points than most knurling, it is recommended to only use your bar with J-hooks or racks that utilize protective surfaces such as ABS, UHMW or rubber to preserve the coating and knurling sharpness. Coating wear on the tips of the knurling is normal
    • Government Purchase: Available for purchase through Ironcompany.com contracts GSA GS-07F-0104M and CMAS 4-12-78-0066A


    • Limited Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects. Does not cover damage due to negligent or faulty use, handling, maintenance, alteration or storage by the user. Does not cover bar coatings. Bar damage and bending is usually always due to dropping on a rack or bench (the bar hits before the plates) and is not covered by this warranty. All warranty claims handled on a case by case basis.
    • Olympic Bar Care: Store your new bar in a dry location out of the elements. Refrain from dropping your loaded bar directly on rack pins and benches. As with any bar coating, metal to metal contact can and will shorten its lifespan. We recommend using your new bar with racks lined with an ABS plastic, UHMW, rubber or similar to prevent accelerated wear. Coating wear on tips of the knurling is normal.


    • UPS/Freight delivery is included within the lower 48 states. Online orders to non-direct points (Martha's Vineyard, Florida Keys, etc.) or outside of the lower 48 states will have additional UPS or freight charges emailed to customer within 24-hours and will be charged and shipped upon approval by customer
    • Ships in approx. 48 hours
    • Each bar is individually poly-bagged and packed in a heavy-duty tube for maximum protection during shipping
    • UPS Ground - Three bars or less usually ship via UPS. Signature is usually required unless otherwise specified
    • LTL Freight - Four or more bars usually ship via LTL freight carrier on a wooden pallet. All standard freight deliveries include 24-hour notification and curbside delivery. Additional services such as lift gate or inside delivery are available upon request. A full inspection is required at delivery and notation on delivery bill of any missing or damaged product is mandatory for replacement
    • Ship weight is approx. 47 lbs.