Black Polished Kettlebell (Single) -- CAP Barbell (SDK2)

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5 to 50 lbs. in 5 lb. increments
60 to 80 lbs. in 10 lb. increments

CAP Barbell SDK2 Black Polished Cast Iron Kettlebells - Kettlebells were originally refined for Russian Red Army soldiers and world-class athletes to develop strength, build power, improve endurance, and increase agility. Kettlebells have proven to be great fitness training tools for squats, throws, clean and jerks, snatches, rotational swings, and much more. Specifically targeting core muscles used for balance and leverage, kettlebells provide an effective total body workout in a short amount of time. With kettlebells you can steadily progress the intensity of your workouts by increasing the weight amount.

Why choose a polished kettlebell? To many exercisers, a kettlebell is nothing more than a cannonball with a handle. And, for many manufacturers, an inexpensive kettlebell will reflect just that – a rough ball of iron with a handle that is attached through single casting or welding. Through the SDK2 series kettlebells, CAP Barbell has added style to an otherwise unsophisticated exercise invention. CAP has sanded down smooth and rounded off every portion of the kettlebell so that there are no rough spots, edges, or corners of any kind. After that CAP paints the kettlebell in a black enamel coating which is then polished to a high gloss shine. Not only does the kettlebell look better in your home gym, workout studio, or facility exercise room, but the kettlebell is better protected from rust since the entire surface area is coated (as compared to unfinished metal). Kettlebell workout enthusiasts like the sleek feel of the polished kettlebells since they do not rough up the hands (as do many textured handles), and find the smooth surface of the ball safer and more comfortable for other areas of the body (like forearms and shoulders) during kettlebell presses and other exercises. Bottom line, CAP has modernized the common plain old metal kettlebell into one that is easier to hold and swing around, and that looks like it belongs in a high-end exercise room rather than an old-fashioned basement gym.


  • (1) Black Polished Kettlebell in Pounds

Available Sizes:

  • SKD2-010 - 10 lb
  • SKD2-015 - 15 lb
  • SKD2-020 - 20 lb
  • SKD2-025 - 25 lb
  • SKD2-030 - 30 lb
  • SKD2-035 - 35 lb
  • SKD2-040 - 40 lb
  • SKD2-045 - 45 lb
  • SKD2-050 - 50 lb
  • SKD2-060 - 60 lb
  • SKD2-070 - 70 lb
  • SKD2-080 - 80 lb

Note: Image as shown may not represent actual size. Size of kettlebell will vary based on weight increment.


  • Black color
  • Solid cast iron construction
  • Sanded smooth, coasted with black enamel finish, and polished
  • Handles reinforced with steel for durability
  • Heavier weights have larger handles to accommodate both hands
  • 30-Day manufacturer warranty against defects in material or craftsmanship

Looking for a custom kettlebell set or bulk order for group fitness? Contact an free weight specialist today at 1-888-758-7527 or email

Kettlebell Exercise Tips

Kettlebell Figure 8 To A Hold is a great exercise for working out your Abdominal, Hamstrings and Biceps. Just like the figure 8, except add an explosive pull to a hold in the standing position. Always drop the bell from the top position BETWEEN your legs... not to the outside (which would likely end badly for one of your knees).

Kettlebell Dead Clean is a great exercise for working out your Hamstrings, Lower Back, Traps and Calves. Place kettlebell between your feet. To get in the starting position, push your butt back and look straight ahead. Clean kettlebell to your shoulder. Return kettlebell back to the floor briefly while keeping the hamstrings loaded.

Leg-Over Floor Press is a great exercise for working out your Chest and Triceps. Lie on the floor with one kettlebell in place on your chest. Extend leg on working side over leg on non-working side. Press into locked out position.

Kettlebell Turkish Get-Up (Squat style) is a great exercise for working out your Abdominals, Quadriceps, Calves and Shoulders. Lie on your back and floor press a kettlebell to the top position. Keeping the kettlebell locked out at all times, pivot to the opposite side and use your non- working arm to assist you in driving forward to the bottom position of an overhead squat. Looking up at the kettlebell slowly stand up. Reverse the motion back to the starting position and repeat.

Alternating Kettlebell Row is a great exercise for working out your Lats and Biceps. Place two kettlebells between your feet. Bend your knees slightly and push your butt out as much as possible. As you bend over to get into the starting position. Grab both kettlebells. Pull one kettlebell off of the floor while holding on to the other kettlebell. Hold the kettlebell in the working arm at the stomach for a second. Lower the kettlebell in the working arm and pull the kettlebell with your other arm.

Kettlebell One-Legged Squat is a great exercise for working out your Quadriceps, Calves and Glutes. Pick up a kettlebell with two hands and hold the kettlebell like a steering wheel. Hold one leg off of the floor and squat down on the other. Keep the kettlebell above your knee at all times. Hold the bottom position for a second and then stand up. Lower yourself again and repeat. Make sure to do the same amount of repetitions for both legs.

One-Arm Open Palm Kettlebell Clean is a great exercise for working out your Hamstrings, Quadriceps and Shoulders. Place one kettlebell between your feet. Grab the handle with one hand and raise the kettlebell rapidly, let it flip so that the ball of the kettlebell lands in the palm of your hand. Throw the kettlebell out in front of you and catch the handle with one hand. Take the kettlebell to the floor and repeat. Make sure to work both arms.

Kettlebell Alternating Seated Press is a great exercise for working out your Shoulders and Triceps. Sit on the floor and spread your legs out comfortably. Place a kettlebell in each arm in the clean position. Press one kettlebell up and lockout overhead. While lowering this kettlebell, begin to simultaneously press the other kettlebell. Always look at the kettlebell which is on the rise.

One-Arm Kettlebell Split Jerk is a great exercise for working out your Quadriceps, Hamstrings and Shoulders. Clean one kettlebell to your shoulder. Use your legs to drive the kettlebell overhead. The second your drive the weight up, go into the bottom position of a lunge to get under the kettlebell. Make sure to work both sides.

Bottoms-Up Clean From The Hang Position is a great exercise for working out your Forearms, Biceps and Shoulders. Initiate the exercise by standing upright with a kettlebell in one hand. Swing the kettlebell back forcefully and then reverse the motion forcefully. Crush the kettlebell handle as hard as possible and raise the kettlebell to your shoulder.

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Warning: This product may contain one or more phthalate chemicals known to the state of California to cause birth defects and other reproductive harm.

Item Number: SDK2 ProdID_4142
Product Name: Black Polished Kettlebell (Single) -- CAP Barbell (SDK2)
Manufacturer: CAP BARBELL
Manufacturer Part No: SDK2

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