Kettlebell and Kettlebell set information and advantagesWhat a kettlebell or kettlebell set can do for you

Kettlebell swings, kettlebell cleans and kettlebell snatches work the posterior chain hard and your abs won't be getting an easy ride either. This type of compound movement is great for athletics training, forcing the body to work as an integrated unit. There is no need to have separate workouts for strength training, cardio, flexibility, and core. The combination of strength and cardio will be a shock to the system as a ten minute workout with a set of kettlebells will get your cardiovascular system working overtime and a monstrous strength workout simultaneously. You will develop a steel grip as your hands gets fried from the effort of holding onto a heavy weight that is thrown about at high speeds.

Finally, if you think that core training comprises of rolling around on a swiss ball you're in for a rude awakening as your abs, obliques and lower back get tortured from exercises like windmills and Turkish get ups.

Should I get a plate loaded kettlebell or a fixed weight kettlebell?

Fixed kettlebells are lumps of iron with handles attached. Plate loaded kettlebells are handles which required loading up with various weights. Plate loaded kettlebells are generally cheaper, but are more prone to breaking than fixed kettlebells. Both kettlebells feel different to use however this will make no different to those new to the world of kettlebells.

The advantages of fixed weight kettlebells

Rugged. It’s a basic principle in life that the less moving parts something has the lower the risk that it will go wrong. You can't get more sturdy than a solid lump of metal! With the kettlebell handle there are a fair number of parts that can get lost or if abused, can get broken.

Progressive overload through more challenging exercises. Most people complain that kettlebells weight jumps are difficult to manage. The answer to this is to train with more difficult exercises. The 16kg kettlebell is getting too light for you whilst shoulder pressing? No problems, work on a slow press, 2 up 1 down press, the Sots Press...there are many ways of making exercises more challenging.

Better for training in a group environment. One of the times where it is better to have fixed weight bells is in a group training environment. No need to find plates and configure kettlebells. Just grab the bells and train.

Less time consuming. A set of bells is better for drop sets. No time is taken up dismantling your kettlebell and changing the weight.

It’s more of a challenge. The argument that some use for plate loaded bells is that it allows for incremental progression. That's true but then the other side of the argument is that fixed kettlebells develop a certain degree of courage. It takes bottle?? to go from the 16kg to the 24kg and it takes a lot of guts to go from the 24kg to the 32kg kettlebells.

The advantages of plate loaded kettlebells

Progressive training. You can build a kettlebell to the weight you require. This is the main appeal of a plate loaded kettlebell. With the right weight plates you can create a kettlebell of the weight to suit you.

Cheaper. A kettlebell handle is a fair bit cheaper than a solid kettlebell. However, you will need a stack of weight plates!

Less space consuming. The handle when stripped down weighs about a kilo. Easy to hide when the better half starts complaining!

Portable. Take it to the gym with you, take it travelling, these handles are a lot easier on the go compared with fixed weight kettlebells.

The argument here is settled by your personality type. If you're more comfortable with steady progression then the plate loaders are for you. If you like to live life on the edge, then fixed weight training is for you. No temptation to take it step by step for you!

Once you've chosen what type of kettlebell to buy, you'll need to choose a weight. Men who are new to the world of fitness training should start with a 16kg kettlebell, with more experienced trainers springing for a 20kg or even a 24kg kettlebell. Women should start with an 8kg kettlebell, with more experienced athletes starting with a 12kg or a 16kg kettlebell. While these weights might sound rather light, they'll feel much heavier in the midst of a killer workout!

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