Multi Station Jungle Gyms Offer Full Body Workouts

Multi Station Jungle Gyms Offer Full Body Workouts

Multi-Stack Jungle Gym Review



Welcome to the Jungle, we’ve got strength and gains, we’ve got the exercise you want, we cover multi-planes, we are the machine where you’ll find, whatever exercise you need, if you’ve got the money, honey we’ve got variety… on the Jungle, welcome to the Jungle, watch it bring your members to their knees, knees, I wanna watch you squeeze!

They’re big, they’re small, they’re versatile and they come in all shapes and sizes: Multi Station Gyms, often called Jungle Gyms, can be found in health clubs and fitness facilities across the world due to their popularity, ease of use and the simple fact that they offer a wide range of exercise options.

Considering the addition of a Multi Station Jungle Gym is a crucial decision that many gym owners and facility managers will be faced with. Once thought of as monsters of mass that can take up large spaces, Jungle Gyms are now beautifully designed works of art that offer comprehensive full body workouts and they’re presence in any location is now considered a requirement.



What is a Multi-Station Jungle Gym?
Designed to incorporate a multitude of exercise variety into a single designated area, Multi-Stack Jungle Gyms bring the most common exercise motions together to offer power packed total body strength training. Combine a Lat Pulldown and a Low Row motion, couple that with a Tricep Extension and a Bicep Curl, add an Overhead Multi Grip Pullup Station and a Cable Crossover and you have a modern day Jungle Gym. Now that’s just one configuration! How about a unit that offers a Chest Press Station and a Leg Extension or Leg Curl coupled with a Leg Press… all connected, with each station offering its own weight stack so multiple people can workout on the machine at the same time… that too is today’s modern day Multi-Stack Jungle Gym!

Dual stacks, multi-stacks, Cable Crossover Plus Jungle Gyms, Four Stack Jungles, Six Stack Combo Gyms, Eight Stack Combo Jungle Gyms… get the picture? The workout opportunities these units offer is amazing! They allow patrons and trainers the chance to train together thus creating a community environment that bonds members to keep them coming back for more! They offer selectorized stacks of weighted resistance in ranges from 100 to 400 lbs, in 5, 10 or 20 lb increments, and these units are capable of handling the needs of any client population young or old, from beginner to advanced! Accessory handles and cable attachments can also be added to any Multi Use Jungle Gym to create more exercise variety. Aftermarket handles that can be connected to a machine using a snap link or carabiners can quickly change the angle of a movement and isolate muscles being targeted.

Jungle Gyms can be smaller modular based units placed into corners of facilities and they can also take up entire rooms. Manufacturers such as Legend Fitness, TuffStuff Fitness and Body Solid design these gyms to accommodate rooms of any size and their usefulness in a location can be seen everyday as patrons and members congregate around them to work every muscle on the body. Many of these gyms can be custom designed with the exact station combinations preferred to complete the ultimate Jungle Gym specific to a locations needs. Combine this with the ability to select custom colors of frame and padded upholstery and some manufacturers will build a dream machine beautifully adorned to meet the functional and aesthetic needs of your club or facility.



Where can Jungle Gyms be used?
Large scale commercial fitness facilities use Jungle Gyms as main anchor points in selectorized strength training areas within clubs. Since Multi-Stack Jungle Gyms can be modular in some cases, combining the most popular single station exercises into one machine frees up space that can be used for other training methods (i.e. bumper plate training areas, stretching areas, cardio decks) or profit centers (i.e. juice bars, massage rooms, tanning booths, personal training sales offices).

Fitness training studios find Multi-Stack Gyms useful because teams of personal trainers can use a single Jungle Gym to offer high end one on one attention to multiple clients at the same time! This not only maximizes the amount of people that can be trained at one time, it maximizes profits! Trainers can move clients from one station within a Combo Jungle Gym to the next in a series of exercises that offer upper and lower body training to cover the entire body.

Hotels, motels and resorts turn to Multi-Station Gyms because their guests want variety and simplicity without the need to travel off site to get a great workout. Owners and management teams know that keeping guests happy is the number one priority to keep them coming back, and as people make decisions on where to stay based on amenities offered, having a well equipped fitness room can be the deciding factor. Jungle Gyms placed in these locations offer those traveling for business or pleasure the chance to get a complete workout and on their way!

Colleges, universities and corporate fitness facilities place Multi Gyms on site to keep their students and employees healthy and productive. Offering workout opportunities to students and employees before class or work, during break times and after class or work proves to be a great way to keep them motivated, strong and focused. Adding a modular gym that offers variety and the opportunity for many to workout at the same time also builds camaraderie amongst student and employee members! Place a Multi Stack Gym in your student or workplace fitness center and benefit your bottom line. It tells your students and employees you care about their health and well being and initiates healthy habits that can lead to lower health care coverage costs, less absenteeism, and less strain on school and workplace health personnel and facilities.

Military bases across the world also place Jungle Gyms into fitness centers to keep their troops fit year round. On duty and off duty personnel must have access to facilities that offer total body workouts in a quick period of time and Multi-Station gyms can offer this critical need. As the military steps up their game to implement health and fitness initiatives, wellness centers are getting makeovers to modernize equipment offerings and Jungle Gyms continue to become a focal point in these facilities to help military personnel take ownership of their health and well-being.

PPMS-9000 9-Station Jungle Gym by Tuff Stuff PPMS-9000 9-Station Jungle Gym by Tuff Stuff


Where can a fitness club or GSA Government Buyer purchase a Multi-Stack Jungle Gym?
Since 1997 IRON COMPANY® has offered a tremendous hand-picked selection of fitness equipment for every facility type. We are proud to service residential, commercial, school, government and military clients and we do so by offerings thousands of fitness products from manufactures that design and engineer quality fitness equipment. As a distributor of hundreds of product lines, we have the chance to keep our finger on the pulse of today’s ever changing industry needs and we keep our equipment selection current with a vast assortment of Multi Stations, Multi-Stacks and Jungle Gyms.

Create the exercise room that your clients, employees, students, and military personnel demand by placing a Jungle Gym into your location as the focal point of your facility. These Multi Stack pillars of health are the perfect choice for any location and IRON COMPANY help with our wide array of equipment, accessory options and logistics assistance.

Needs assistance in choosing the right Multi-Station Jungle Gym for your facility? Pick up the phone and call an IRON COMPANY GSA and Commercial Fitness Equipment Sales Professional at 888-758-7527 or email