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Welcome to IRON COMPANY, your premier destination for top-notch gym equipment specializing in Weight Benches and Exercise Benches for dumbbell and barbell training. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast, a commercial gym owner, or part of a... Read More

USA Made Legend Fitness 3100 Flat Utility Bench for Weight Training
Legend Fitness 3104 Commercial Multi-Purpose Utility Bench w/Footplate
USA Made Legend Fitness 3102 Decline Utility Bench with Leg Rollers
Legend Fitness 3101 Dumbbell / Barbell Incline Utility Bench
Legend Fitness 3103 0-90 Degree Three-Way Utility Bench with Wheels
Adjustable Standing Preacher Curl Bench | Legend Fitness (3166)
Adjustable Seated Arm Curl Bench | Legend Fitness (3114)
Basic Olympic Flat Bench Press | Legend Fitness (3105)
USA Made Legend Fitness 3164 Four-Way Adjustable Utility Weight Bench
USA Made Legend Fitness 3216 Three-Way Utility Bench with Spotters Platform
Legend Fitness 3108 Olympic Shoulder Press for Commercial Gyms and Schools
Legend Fitness 3109 Basic Olympic Decline Bench Press with 15 Degree Angle
Legend Fitness 3106 Basic Olympic Incline Bench Press w/Spotting Platform
Seated Preacher Curl Bench w/Plate Storage | Legend Fitness (3114-PS)
USA Made Legend Fitness 3222 Self-Adjusting Three Way Bench for Power Racks
Legend Fitness 3150 Flat Olympic Bench Press w/Plate Storage
Legend Fitness 3240 PRO SERIES Olympic Flat Bench with Weight Holders and Band Pegs
Legend Fitness 3906 Competition Olympic Flat Bench Press
Legend Fitness 3225 Pro Series Prone High Row for Lat Rows
Legend Fitness 3154 Incline Olympic Bench Press with Plate Storage
Legend Fitness 3156 Olympic Shoulder Bench with Weight Plate Holders
Legend Fitness 3157 Decline Olympic Bench Press with Weight Holders
Legend Fitness 3243 PRO SERIES Olympic Decline Bench with Band Pegs
Legend Fitness 3241 PRO SERIES Olympic Incline Bench with Band Pegs
Legend Fitness 3242 PRO SERIES Olympic Shoulder Bench
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