24" x 36" Laminated Fitness Poster / Wall Chart - Heart Rate Guidelines – Productive Fitness (CHR)

Heart Rate Zones or Perceived Exertion Rating
Productive Fitness Laminated Exercise Chart for Fitness Heart Rate Zones
Productive Fitness Laminated Exercise Chart for Fitness Heart Rate Zones
Productive Fitness Laminated Exercise Chart for Fitness Heart Rate Zones Productive Fitness Wall Chart for Workout Rating of Perceived Exertion Productive Fitness Workout Chart Set for Heart Rate and Perceived Exertion

Productive Fitness Laminated Wall Chart Fitness Poster - Heart Rate Guidelines – Heart Rate Posters from Productive Fitness are 24" x 36" laminated wall charts designed to provide tips, guidelines, and instruction for proper heart rate training zones and exertion levels during cardiovascular exercise. Conveniently calculate your heart rate training zone at a glance by using the zone chart. Use this poster's formula to calculate a more precise and optimal zone that you can measure over time. With the perceived exertion chart, learn the simple exertion level testing method by judging how easy it is to talk during (or after) exercise. Using these two posters will help you understand your heart rate and adjust you exercise intensity to achieve your desired or prescribed workout zone. They also provide informative and easy-to-follow zone graphs matching examples of cardio activity to heart rate exertion ranges for those under active care post heart attack or under treatment for cardiopulmonary stress by a family doctor, cardiologist, heart specialist, sports physician, or physical therapist.

The Laminated Heart Rate Fitness Poster series from Productive Fitness Publishing illustrates heart rate health tips in large, brilliant full-color format with clear instructions and colorful graphs. Each beautiful, easy to follow fitness poster is a great addition to any home gym, office, workout studio, rec center, school gymnasium, or fitness center. Choose a single workout poster or several exercise charts to help your club members, hotel guests, student athletes, or family members keep focus on proper heart rate training and safe comfort levels. Whether you are beginner who has never measured heart rate, or a more advanced fitness enthusiast or athlete training with a heart rate monitor, these posters provide the right instruction towards maintaining proper cardiopulmonary exertion levels during exercise.

Available Wall Fitness Charts (Single Poster):

  • CFHL – Fitness Heart Rate
  • CRPEL – Rating of Perceived Exertion and Talk Test

Available Wall Fitness Chart Set (Set of 2 Posters):

  • CHR-SET – Heart Rate Guidelines Fitness Heart Rate & Rating of Perceived Exertion and Talk Test

Fitness Heart Rate Poster
This dynamic Fitness Heart Rate Poster helps determine what Training Zone you are in by cross-referencing your heart rate (beats per minute) and your age (from 20 to 90 years old). You'll know whether you are working too hard or not hard enough to meet your goals and desired level of fitness conditioning. This chart offers the tips you need to improve your health and your exercise performance, and how to exercise caution by staying within safe maximum heart rate limits by age.

  • Learn how to measure your heart rate using either wrist pulse method or telemetry heart rate monitor with wireless chest strap
  • Calculate your heart rate training zone at a glance using the zone chart
  • Use the posters formula to calculate a more precise and optimal zone that you can measure over time
  • Follow the Tips to Improve your Performance section, including the Challenge Myself guidelines to consistently improve your fitness level
  • Determine your Fitness Zone, which ranges from Inactive to Fitness to High Performance and build on it

Rating of Perceived Exertion and Talk Test Poster
The Perceived Exertion and Talk Test Chart provides an easy way to tell if you are training in the correct heart rate zone without actually taking your heart rate. In simple chart format, it uses different factors to determine your intensity level, including how difficult it is to talk while exercising and your perception of how hard you are working. Use this chart to become more in tune with your body while exercising and boost your overall fitness level.

  • Includes a detailed scaled chart that includes a 0 to 10 scale, performance zones, exertion levels, examples of activity, talk, and heart rates.
  • Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) is often used by group fitness instructors to help participants self-monitor their exercise intensity level. It is also used by those on medications that can influence heart rate.
  • Determining by scale method how much effort it takes to talk while exercising points out your heart rate:
    • At 0-1, you are inactive and showing little exertion. You could be standing or sitting. You breathe and talk normally, and your heart rate is 40-79 beats per minute.
    • At 4-5, you are working up a moderate sweat with a fast walk. Your breathing is moderate and you can carry on a conversation. Your heart rate is 130-149.
    • At 9-10, you are in the high performance zone. You are running at a fast pace and your exertion level is severe. You are gasping for breath and can't talk. Your heart rate is 180-190 or higher.
  • By comparing your fitness factors to those on the chart, you can gradually increase your exercise output without compromising your performance level.

Fitness Poster Specifications:

  • Poster size: 24" W x 36" H
  • Poster weight (individual): 0.25 lb.
  • Laminated
  • Waterproof for resistance against drinking fountain splash, sweat, cleaning supplies
  • Colorfully illustrated fitness instructions
  • Suitable for framing or attach directly to wall
  • North American Made (manufactured in Canada)
  • Made to order with lead time of 5 business days prior to shipping
  • Complete wall chart sets, bulk fitness poster purchases, and unlaminated (paper only) exercise posters available by special request contact an IRON COMPANY® representative for details at 1-888-758-7527 or quotes@ironcompany.com
  • Shipping dimensions (1-3 posters): 26" x 2" x 2"
  • Shipping weight by quantity: 10 oz. (1 poster) | 13 oz. (2 posters) | 1 lb. (3 posters)
  • Ships rolled inside box

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