BOSU® Balance Trainers have a unique half-circle inflatable ball design that provides multiple applications for standing, sitting, and supported bodyweight conditioning activities. The BOSU Ball Balance Trainer is the ultimate in balance, core stabilization and proprioception (body awareness) training. BOSU Balance Trainers can be used to perform many bodyweight exercises and they make a great training companion for bodyweight trainers such as the CrossCore180®. The BOSU Ballast Ball is a specially designed stability ball with 2.5 lbs of weight inside that helps it stay stationary while in use. The BOSU Ballast Ball can integrate with all types of fitness equipment such as stretch bands and dumbbells. Do you need a storage rack for your BOSU Balance Trainers? The BOSU Storage Rack holds up to 14 BOSU Balls and is mounted on casters for easy mobility.

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BOSU Storage Rack
BOSU Storage Rack -- Spri (BOSU-RACK)
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BOSU Storage Rack -- Spri (BOSU-RACK)
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