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Olympic Weightlifting Platforms for Barbells - Olympic weightlifting platforms by commercial strength equipment manufacturers are designed to protect sub-floors from the impact of rubber bumper plates and cast iron Olympic plates during Olympic weightlifting exercises. Olympic lifting platforms are commonly constructed from thick, tongue and groove laminated hardwood for the footing areas with ¾” thick rubber deadlifting mats on each side that absorb the shock when the barbell is dropped. Holding the weight lifting platform together is a metal frame that, depending on the manufacturer, is either fully welded or bolted together for easier transport. Heavy-duty weightlifting platform ramps are included on some commercial lifting platforms and is optional on others. The ramp allows weight benches and other strength equipment to be rolled up onto the weight training platform so that other barbell strength training exercises can be performed. Free Standing lifting platforms can be placed outside of a squat rack or power cage and are not dependent on each other. A weightlifting platform insert is designed to fit inside the rack or cage making an easy transition from outside the rack to inside for the user and equipment such as a rolling weight bench.

Who should use an wooden weight lifting platform? If you are performing Olympic style lifts such as deadlifts and snatches, you’ll want to use a lifting platform to protect your floors and equipment. Some bumper plate manufacturers will not warranty their bumper plates without the use of a platform while training. As with any platform, it is recommended that only bumper plates or technique plates, such as Hitechplates, are used instead of cast iron plates that can prematurely wear out rubber mats and Olympic bars.

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Legend Fitness 3195 8' x 8' Tongue & Groove Lifting Platform
8' x 8' Hardwood Lifting Platform -- Legend Fitness (3195)
List Price: $1,699.00
Your Price: $1,444.00
You Save: $255.00 (15 %)
8' x 8' Hardwood Lifting Platform -- Legend Fitness (3195)
Legend Fitness 7007/7007-VP Vibrating Weightlifting Platform
2440 VibePlate and VibePlate Platform -- Legend Fitness (7007/7007-VP)
List Price: $6,898.00
Your Price: $5,863.00
You Save: $1,035.00 (15 %)
2440 VibePlate and VibePlate Platform -- Legend Fitness (7007/7007-VP)
VibePlate included
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