Dumbbells and Dumbbell Sets for Home and Commercial Use - Dumbbells, or “hand weights”, are one of the gold standard tools used to build a strong and muscular physique. The dumbbell consists of two weighted heads with a centralized handle and is used to perform pressing and pulling exercises such as chest presses and lat rows. There are many different types of dumbbells used for home gyms as well as commercial gyms. Iron or rubber hex dumbbells are the most popular dumbbells for home gyms. For those short on space, space saving dumbbells like the PowerBlock or Stamina Versa-Bells are a great choice. Commercial quality dumbbells are constructed to hold up to all day use in harsh environments. Heavy-duty commercial dumbbell examples include solid steel dumbbells and urethane dumbbells that consist of a solid steel head permanently welded to a solid steel handle. Plate loaded Pro-style dumbbells are more affordable than welded steel dumbbells and can be customized in pairs ranging between 5 and 200 lbs. For group training or those that want to tone, light weight aerobic dumbbell choices include vinyl, neoprene, rubber and urethane. Chrome dumbbells are also available and include ergonomically shaped handles that help prevent hand fatigue while training.

Did you know that building muscle not only burns fat while you are exercising but the more muscle you have on your frame the more fat you will burn while at rest? In fact, each new pound of muscle gained can account for about 6 more calories per day being burned. Aside from the metabolic fat burning benefits of building muscle with dumbbells, a consistent weight bearing exercise routine will also help strengthen your bones which can be a crucial part of staying healthy as you age.

What type of dumbbells are best to purchase? Most of the time this depends on three basic questions. What will your budget allow? What is your fitness goal? How much space do you have to work with? If you’re like most, budget may dictate more than 50% of the decision. For smaller budgets you’ll find plenty of options such as compact dumbbell solutions that include Power Block’s, Versa-Bells and TwistLock Adjustable dumbbells. You’re probably already very familiar with one of the most affordable dumbbell sets on the market, the hex dumbbell. Whether you are just beginning or are a seasoned lifter, these are a great choice for many as they begin at only 3 lbs. each and graduate to as high as 120 lbs.. For clubs or those who just prefer a top quality dumbbell set in their home, our choices here are equally expansive. A solid steel dumbbell set is a great investment due to the maintenance free fully welded construction which comes with a five or six year warranty against breakage. You can also upgrade to a urethane coating which protects floors and other equipment not to mention keeps your set looking great far longer than paint. So browse around and see what you like. An sales rep is always standing by should you need help selecting the perfect set for your budget or fitness goal.

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We offer custom logos on Iron Grip, Ivanko and Hampton dumbbells. Custom logos are a great way to showcase your gym, school or even company. Take a look at our custom logo page for examples. Contact an sales rep today if you are interested in custom logos.

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Chrome Dumbbells for Home and Club.
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Compact Dumbbells for Home and Light Commercial use.
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Iron Hex Dumbbells for Home, Light Commercial and Full Commercial use.
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Neoprene Dumbbells for Home, Studio and Club use.
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Pro-Style Dumbbells for Commercial use.
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Rubber Hex Dumbbells and Sets for Home, Studio and Gym use.
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Solid Head Dumbbells with Bolted Cast Iron Heads or Welded Solid Steel Heads
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Urethane Hex Dumbbells for Home, Studio and Gym use.
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Urethane Solid Head Dumbbells with Welded Solid Steel Heads or Bolt-On Cast Iron Heads for Commercial use.
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Vinyl Dumbbells for Home, Studio and Club use.