Weight Plates

Weight Lifting Plates play an important part in fitness training from the person that just wants to look and feel better to the most talented athletes on the planet. Resistance training with weight plates and barbells not only makes our muscles stronger they also help burn fat during your workout and while at rest. Maybe one of the most important perks of lifting weights is that they have also been proven to strengthen and thicken our bones which is beneficial during any stage of life. In this section of our website we have compiled a very large selection of weight lifting plates that addresses all weightlifting styles whether for home, school, club or wherever you might use them. Our wide selection of Olympic Weight Lifting Plates and Regular Barbell/Dumbbell plates includes categories such as Bumper Plates, Iron Olympic Plates, Regular Barbell / Dumbbell Plates, Rubber Olympic Plates, Technique / Competition / Fraction Plates and Urethane Olympic Plates. Most allow the ability to purchase by the pair or by the set.

Need help selecting Olympic Plates that best fit your location or fitness goal? Let an fitness equipment expert assist you today at 1-888-758-7527.

Rubber Bumper Plates at
Bumper Plates for Garage Gyms, CrossFit Boxes, Schools and Clubs.
Iron Olympic Weightlifting Plates at
Iron Olympic Plates for Home, Gym and Club.
Iron Weightlifting Plates for Adjustable Dumbbells and Barbells at
Regular Barbell and Dumbbell Plates for Adjustable Barbells/Dumbbells and Pro-Style Barbells/Dumbbells.
Rubber Coated Olympic Barbell Plates at
Rubber Olympic Plates for Home, Gym and Club.
Olympic Technique, Competition and Fraction Weightlifting Plates at
Technique / Competition / Fraction Barbell Plates for Home, Schools, Gyms and Clubs.
Urethane Olympic Plates for Barbells at
Urethane Olympic Plates for Home, Gym and Club.